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Our Brand is now a manufacturing hub of 24+ products with an unmatched quality catering to 4 sectors of Industry.
We are committed to develop additional products every year with an increasing customer base in Northern part of India.
We incorporate customer requirements and offer tailor-made products to provide enhanced customer experience.




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Specialised Product Development

Few Customers who couldn’t get a satisfactory product from the market, or feels our product with modification can fulfil their requirement, are provided with Specialised Product. Customer explains the drawbacks in our product, and outlaws the properties of the intended product to us. With our experience and expertise, we incorporate the needs into a modified product and offer Tailored made product to the customer.Based upon the various value obtained from iterations, we develop a range of product in our lab, and provide samples to the customer to determine the scope.

Co-Development of Product with Customer

Our Customer explains the requirement of the product (similar classification of our existing product line) and its commercial use. We use Functional Analysis System Technique to understand the exact customer need. This technique gives us an insight of functional and supporting determinants to determine the levels of interaction within them. Customer provides us the feedback and recommends one of the product from the range after testing the samples. We launch our product in the market providing our principle customer with economical advantage for the cooperation in product development.